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This wiki serves as a convenient place for character sheets, campaign notes, house rules and other items of interest for the Deathcookie community.

Basic FactsEdit

This wiki is associated with an online tabletop gaming community, currently residing at Deathcookie. In the past, we were grouped at the so-called FailBB, at d20rpgs, but we decided to move after a period of gross instability of the provider. Barring exceptions from the norm, we like memes, dice and have little life. The current pfad is to play Exalted and Magic the Gathering. Or maybe not. 3.5e seems ever popular.

We tend to hang out in the #DnD IRC channel over at NightStar.

Current GamesEdit

Dungeons and DragonsEdit





Magic the Gathering

The DeadEdit

Beyond the Known, Everyone is John, Let's Play Blades of Avernum: Mad Ambition, Of Gods and Demons, Smash Puny Everything, The Chains That Bind, Ironman: Across the River, Vi spiller på Norsk, The Dark Spirit of the Century, Glorious Solar Game, Blood on the Snow, Eclipse, Return to Westrealms: The Burning Tower, Amber, Vardithran: Duke of Nox, Goblins on Dire Bears, Game With A Mean Storyteller, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Crescent, Dirigible 3: Titties, Shenanigans in Arulco, Of Gods and Demons, Thursday, All Hail Lord Inglip, Bleakstone, Exile, For A Few Obols More, SpaceRPG/Traveller Crossover, Game Wot Doesn't Have A Name Yet, Renegade Abyssal Game, Supers Game, Duluth Files, Star Exalted Wars (Name Pending), Drow Noir, Mercenaries, The Eastern Front, Vardithran: Evil Overlord Invasion

Other StuffEdit

AD's Silly Things

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